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Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween 2007 was a Treat!

This year we had our Trunk-or-Treat at church. There were about 15 or so cars that had their trunks decorated for Halloween. The place was swamped with people. Lots of fun for the kids. Bicycle give away's and lots of free food. No problem drawing a crowd:-)

Amber & Bryan with Brody and Caroline.

Mikki was a pirate and had her Suburban fully decorated with pirate character, Black Bill and Hillary and all their booty!

Caroline was a prisoner with a teardrop tattoo. Brody was the police officer with the night-stick and walkee talkee. So cute!

Amber and Molly tried to find a pumpkin patch. After failing miserably, they created their own in Amber's front yard. Caroline and Jack (as a cow) in the pumpkin patch.

Brody in the pumpkin patch.

Molly and Jack at Molly's "ring-toss" trunk.


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