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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The kids...

Mikki and Jack outside the restaurant today.

A self portrait of me, Caroline and Brody. They are precious.

Amber took Caroline and Brody to Old MacDonald's Farm in Humble and got these photos. 

Caroline at Old MacDonald's Farm on the slide.

Jack and me today after we had lunch.

Mikki and I had lunch today after church with Amber, Caroline, Brody, Molly and Jack. The twins are getting old enough (almost 23 months) to where they are getting pretty funny. Last week, I made a mouth noise with my fingers circled around my lips. Brody hasn't stopped until he has mastered a similar sounding trick, but holding his nose and arrfing from his throat. It is hillarious. Jack is 7 months old and is cutting teeth and making some serious noise, but is a wonderful baby. We are blessed grand parents!


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