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Friday, October 12, 2007

Advanced Furniture Class at Homestead Woodworkers

I have been at Homestead Heritage Woodworking School in Elm Mott Texas since Monday morning taking their advanced furniture class. It has been very challenging, yet fulfilling. Hopefully we can wrap up tomorrow, by sundown. I'm getting ready to head to Go Away with my prized Craftsman Rocking Chair.  Can't wait for Mikki to see it. Hope it rocks:-)

I've learned a lot this week, including being a guest at Shahar and Kim Yarden's home (he is originally from Israel) for dinner Wednesday evening, October 11 (Mikki and my 32nd anniversary). They and their three daughters joined together to sing "Happy Anniversary" to me and Mikki (who we called on the phone). Kim prepared Israeli food. It was very good. I'd spell it out here but most of it would be misspelled, so I'll spare you the details. Suffice it to say that I really did enjoy getting acquainted with Shahar, Kim and their daughters and eating food I've never experienced. Shahar operates the Gristmill, Deli and the auto repair shop in the community. He is obviously a very good operator. It was neat to learn of their culture. 

I also had the pleasure during the week to see Paul Sellers, the founder of the woodworking school. He was back at Homestead for a week long visit from Wales where he and his family are taking a one year sabbatical to care for his ailing parents. I got to stay late Tuesday night and hear Paul do a demonstration of woodworking to the theology class at Baylor University. He is very compelling when he is talking about how woodworking and living off the land is a godly pursuit while cutting dovetails simultaneously. 
I've had a wonderful time but I wish Mikki had gotten to come with me. I'm hopeful that my rocker will come out well. 


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