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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fine Furniture Making at Homestead

I'm at the Fine Furniture class this week at Homestead Heritage. If you've ever wanted to take a class in woodworking, I'd highly recommend Frank Strazza, Paul Sellers and their fine team here at Homestead. The classes are accommodating for those of us who aren't professional woodworkers (and most professional woodworkers have trouble with the old world tools we are using just as we non-pro's do). And, it is one of the most challenging, yet relaxing things I've ever experienced. At one moment you are challenged to lay out a piece of intricate work, to make a mortise and tenon fit perfectly using a chisel and a back saw, and the next moment you are eating some of their vanilla ice cream from their deli. Its a pretty attractive combination indeed:-) I just wish they had places to stay on the grounds there at Homestead. I am in our camper at a KOA park in West, Texas. A very exciting place. Okay, I'm lying. I had Dairy Queen tacos for dinner from the Exxon/DQ combo. That tell you anything? I'm actually enjoying it a lot. My only wish is that Mikki could have gotten into a class at the same time so she could be here too. She loves the people and the place of Homestead. Hard not to like it. 

If you ever would like to take a class, try a one day class and get the feel of things, and then you could take a week long class once you can schedule a vacation. They do a lot of one day classes. I just heard today that they are considering doing a "saw / tool sharpening class". I'm going to sign up and don't even know when it is. They will allow us to bring our old saws, etc, and teach us to sharpen them at the class. I like it.


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