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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend at Go Away

This weekend, Mikki and I were at the farm and Amber brought up Brody and Caroline. They played outside most of the time. Brody was given a battery powered four-wheeler ATV by Isidro. He went out, disconnected the battery charger, installed the battery and rode off into the yard. He is 3. Although this sounds admirable for such a young guy, I'm going to start locking up the keys to the tractors and other equipment. He is far too mechanically inclined to be satisfied with an electric ATV when there is a diesel Kobota setting with keys ready. Just too inviting:-)

Brody taking a rest. How these plastic ATV's hold up is amazing. This thing gets switched from forward to reverse while still headed in the original direction. He is brutal on it and it just keeps running. It is amazing to see how quickly he learned to manage it. When it starts to slip, he starts immediately shifting his weight and moving his steering around to get traction.
Brody and Caroline in the yard.
We repaired the fences down in the creek-bottom so we could turn the cattle and horses in to graze. They were in heaven when we went down Saturday to check out the progress.
Champanelle red grapes. I'm going to have to take them off so the vines mature again this year but wanted to capture the grape growth. We've got a ton of them on the vines. Too bad they're too young to keep. Next year, we'll have some to eat.
This redbird and his mate were all over around the barn. The fact that they mate for life is so neat. We have so many pairs of them at the farm. They are beautiful birds.


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