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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Walters Thanksgiving at Diane's

This year, Diane wanted to have Thanksgiving at her newly remodeled home. All 50+ of us showed up in the rain at Diane's and it was grand! Unfortunately, this year the Larry Walters family couldn't make it due to a beach outing (it was 45 and raining:-) with the Crawford Family. Sorry Larry you had to be at the beach in such horrible weather. Anyway, we had a great time and no doubt some of the finest home-cooked food on earth. Someone even used Mimi's plain cake recipe and did a fine job. I had two pieces.

Sue and Diane working in the kitchen. They get it honestly. Mother would have been in there with them if she were still with us. Not sure what Sue was doing, but Diane was working on doubling the Chicken-N-Dumpling batch to accommodate the hungry hoards awaiting the feast.

Keith and Cary Castleberry and John Dial. Probably trying to figure out how to swipe a coconut pie from the dessert bar.

Me, Sue, Diane and Llewel. If Larry had been there, he'd have to poke his head between Sue and Diane. We pretty much fill out the photo:-) We all had a great time together and enjoyed ourselves with family fellowship. We'll do it again Christmas.


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