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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Brody & Caroline turn Two Years Old!

Brody gets a tool set from Curt. Out of everything he got, I think the hammer wins! Here, under advisement from his father and Curt, he takes it on a test run on the Potato Head box.

Brody tackles the green icing on the cupcake.

The icing wins!

Ella and Caroline scope out the new kitchen that Mom and Dad gave them.

Caroline and Brody on their new big-wheel trikes from Papa G and MikMik.

Caroline is all girl. She loves dolls. They are serious business for her.

Kim, Amber, Molly, Michelle and Valorie. When these girls are together, much mischief is underway.

Amber and Bryan had a party at their house on Saturday for the babies. Their birthday is the 19th of December, Amber's is the 20th and Mikki's is the 22nd. So they decided to hold the party on the 8th. Smart. That way it puts some time between birthdays and Christmas. They had a great group of kids to come over and play on the inflatable jumping gym. The temperature unfortunately was 83 degrees. 


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