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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Walters' Family Holiday

We met the first week of December at Go Away Farm to celebrate the holiday season with our family. There were several who couldn't make it, but those that did enjoyed themselves, best I can tell. Our family is growing, that's for sure. Not sure what's going on, but even with 6 missing from the photo, we still hosted 73 guests and 63 or 64 joined in the family photo. Every time I count it changes. And all that matters really is that it is larger now than it was last year:-)

The Walters' 2012 Family Photo. If you set in the chairs out in front, I think that means something. I'm not real sure what. In the past, the people who sat in the chairs aren't around any longer. I'm not sure this was that great of an idea.

This is Eli Walters. The name lives on, and in a pretty robust little package. What a cute guy he is. I'd better say that while he is still younger than 2. 

Caroline hit the bulls eye with the pellet rifle on her first shot. I couldn't believe it. 

No, this isn't just bacon. Noooo. This is "bacon candy". You can not even imagine how good this stuff is. It is thick sliced bacon with brown sugar and chipotle chili powder. Oh my goodness. We're going to do it again next year, right? Right? 

Zane & Grey. Just dawned on me that Bandaddy used to read Zane Grey westerns. He'd have been proud of these two characters. They played until exhaustion set in. They were true buddies. 


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