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Monday, April 23, 2012

The farm this past weekend

The weekend was gorgous, especially that downpouring thunderstorm on Friday on our newly planted pasture grass! What a blessing that was. But, the pollen must be crazy high as poor Mikki has battled alergies all week up there. To make it worse, the pasture grass has those red tops on it when it is blooming, and they almost kill her every year. 

And, then Saturday, I took advantage of the shower on Friday to grade our road while it was softer. It had washed some from the Spring rains and needed grading and smoothing. As soon as I started, I pulled my back out while adjusting the blade. But I decided that since the damage was done, I'd might as well try to enjoy the time grading and being outside, and besides, I still had to get the tractor to the barn anyway. So I carefully and methodically hoisted myself back up on the tractor and did the job. I think I may be paying a price for that road-grading job. But I did enjoy it.

Go Away Farm is "lizard-friendly"... with the lack of pesticides, we have a large contingency of lizzards enjoying the place. They're amazing to watch.

A rose and a bug in the front yard

Pineapple Guava.... soon the fruit will arrive where every bloom is today

Daylillies coming on

A wall of Jasmine in full bloom behind the crepe myrtle...there is noting better to smell at the farm


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Blogger Vect_IT said...

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