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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Galen and Mikki celebrate 34 years

After reading about Blackberry Farm for years, we decided that it was time to check it out. Starting with the terrain, it is fabulous. After all, it is just a few miles from the park entrance to Smokey Mountains National Park. The weather is a bit damp and overcast, but that has made it okay to relax and rest for a couple days. Plan to fly fish tomorrow and take a Lexus (furnished as part of your stay here) ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is quite the place. Words fall very short of the beauty, service and fabulous places to stay, rejuvenate, rest, and dine.
Now this is a celebration! On the veranda looking out over the mountains.
While we were awaiting a cup of hot apple cider, this fellow decided to put on a show by hanging with his feet wrapped around a limb while he dined on a nut.
The most famous shot of Blackberry Farm. Rockers are everywhere.
The pier and boat house on Walland Pond.
The cheese girls...
Tables for dining out on the lawn.
Everywhere you turn, there is another beautifully managed sight.
Yallerhammer pavilion from the upper trail.
One of the cart path bridges looking onto a fabulous mountain view.
The Garden Shed.
Wagon and rockers next to the garden.
Hanging on our door. Could not have been more of a sign from God:-) Really, it was a quiet reminder that we are blessed with a fabulous farm of our own idly awaiting our return.


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