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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Picking up the trailer in Pagosa Springs...

Mikki and I made a run back to Pagosa Springs Colorado to pick up our trailer that we left there in July. We couldn't help but take a short diversion by Santa Fe, NM, as well as drive the mountain roads around Pagosa Springs. Over 100 miles on rock roads today.... I don't know that it could be prettier anywhere in the world. We caught the color changes perfectly. Enjoy!
Iglesia De San Juan church built in 1926. About 25 miles Southeast of Pagosa Springs on the Ute Tribal land.
We drove down South of Pagosa on the Ute Tribal land and came up on a ghost town. Literally abandoned and wasting away. There is a railroad track and this one Rio Grande car, a rotted water tank and several old rotting houses and store buildings. The church at the top is the only restored and maintained building in the place. Sad to see. There isn't a sign or anything to tell you what you are looking at. Very interesting!
An old farm house in the meadow. In the back of the house was a stall for their cows and chickens during the winter.
We turned a curve and off to our right was this amazing view.
Looking up...
Looking out...
Looking in...
We caught the color changes and a cold-front perfectly. The blue skies were amazing.
Wow! Probably overused that word today.
Several mule deer watching us watching them.
On highway 285 South of Chama NM, as the sun was setting this evening, I saw the moon and this mountain off to my left. Not the best photo unless you click on it and see the colors in the mountain. I like this.


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