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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

San Miguel de Allende in August

To escape the blasting Texas heat, Mikki and I went down to central Mexico to visit the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende. What a beautiful place. We had a great chance to relax and do the things you never get to do much. Read, think and relax and allow someone prepare you fresh squeezed orange juice every morning! Fresh fruit, home fried chips, pico de gallo and guacamole.... Hard to beat this situation:-) The views, weather (55-76F), daily rain, and architecture were just wonderful.

I love the colors of Mexico's colonial cities.
We found a delicious bakery late one afternoon. He couldn't understand a thing we said but the pastries and coffee were great, once we got them. I couldn't quite get past the metal stud he had in his tongue that he kept tugging on. It was gross. If you have one, please remove it before waiting on guests to eat, or at least leave it be until we're done eating.
The pool at Casa Nana was solar heated, but the daily rain kept it a bit too cold to swim comfortably. I tried it one day and almost died. Sharp but beautiful.
I love this...
Not a place to walk in the dark.
The contrast of the cacti and the rock is stunning.
My favorite thing in Mexico is the wrought iron work. They are truly artisans. This rock stepping stone shows a nice detail of the gate.
Looking off of the Loggia of the house toward the city
I just sat and stared every morning at this wonderful view.
The flowers there are spectacular. The largest roses I've ever seen.
Gorgeous. And they actually smelled like a rose:-)
Cactus fruit in the yard of Casa Nana.


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