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Saturday, March 29, 2008

31 Trees Cut at Diane's Today!

The weather turned out to be favorable today to cut the trees in Diane's backyard. I think we cut 31. Okay, I think they cut 31. I wasn't able to show up until 11:00 and just hauled limbs to the fire. Oh, I did start the fire. Anyway, it was a good family fellowship and shows what can happen when we help each other with the big things. And, it was actually enjoyable in spite of the hard work. Diane, enjoy your new yard with sunlight, and some firewood next year. We had a good turn out with Charles, Galen, John, Keith, Larry, Llewel, Rusty and Shane.

In true Walters' style.... Two supervising, one watching and one working. That is the free-labor cardinal rule.

Larry on a call. Good to see him back at it after his hospital stay with his heart. Nothing like a good old tree cutting to get you back in the groove:-)

Charlie with his feet hurting like crazy and Larry's chasing a ringing cell phone.

Rusty and Llewel leading the charge!

Shane showing John and Charles how it's done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! That was probably me calling Dad to tell him how Claire's first T-ball game went. They won 19-18.

3/30/2008 8:27 AM  

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