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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

July was a hot month!

Please excuse my lack of photo uploads during July. We lost it to the draught and heat:-) We have been very busy moving and remodeling a town home in The Woodlands, getting Go Think! humming along and praying for rain at the farm as we watched the ponds dry up and the grass die. We've not baled a single bale this year due to the dryness. Oh well, that's the way it is. Not much our grumbling can do to change it. 

This is what's left of the giant water oak in the center of the drive area at the farm. We had a series of severe winds that weakened the top of the tree. One Monday, all the giant limbs fell at once crashing to the ground! Nothing we can do about that, but it was a very sad day when Mikki drove up and saw it (a couple hours after it happened). She called me at work and I almost cried. I may have actually. You can't replace these in 150 years....
The cherry tomato crop this year was abundant. We had some of the most delicious little red tomatoes that you've ever eaten. We plan to expand the crop next year and are considering a green house.
We have nurtured the grape vines this first year. They have done very well. I'm pleased to see them grow so nicely. They take a lot of work and attention, but we should reap the benefits in about two more seasons. We have Thompson Seedless table grapes and Champanelle red table grapes. The black berries are doing well too. 


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