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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Horsing Around at Christmas at Go Away

We decided that this year we'd forfeit the gift giving (since it is about the third of fourth Christmas family celebration most of the participants have, in lieu of horseback riding, inflatable jumpy thing with a slide, sitting by the fire, eating wonderful food and having a good time playing games and just general fellowship. We really had a wonderful time together.

Jordyn Ingram on Tank (Sue and Harold's grandaughter – Charles and Jenny Ingram's daughter)

Matthew (or Michael, sorry, I can't tell them apart) Walters (Llewel and Sherry Walters' grandson – Rusty and Fiz Walters' twin son)

Lanna Dial on Wempe (Sue's daughter)

Charles Ingram on Dolly (Sue's son)


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