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Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Horsing Around at Christmas at Go Away

Mr. Tom O'Connor of Shiloh Ranch and one of his hands were with us to make sure no one got hurt. They obviously did a wonderful job as everyone was happy and there were no injuries. Pretty good for a bunch of kids around horses they've never ridden. We used three of our horses, Tank (Brian's Palamino Quarterhorse Gelding), Wempe (Jonathan's Black QuarterhorseMare), and Dolly (my 21 year-old Missouri Fox Trotter Mare), and a Domino (Tom's Shetland Pony). Domino was a beauty and wonderful with the kids. Tom has done a fabulous job this year working with us on our horsemanship.

Camille Castleberry on Domino

Kaci Green on Domino (Llewel and Sherry's grandaughter – Kami and Shane's daughter)

Ill equipped but happy to ride Chesney Dial (Sue and Harold's grandaughter – Lanna and John Dial's daughter)

Jodi Ingram on Domino (Sue and Harold's grandaughter – Charles and Jenny Ingram's daughter)

Laci Castleberry on Tank with Tom O'Connor in the lead (Diane Young's grandaughter – Keith and Melissa Castleberry's daughter)


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