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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Lake Conroe Sunset

Lake Conroe Sunset
Originally uploaded by galenwalt.
This view is the primary reason we love living on Lake Conroe and the reason we'll miss it desparately. We move Feb. 12 to the Woodlands into a very nice but smaller place on the golf course. Beautiful but in a different way. Big houses on the lake take a lot of maintenance time and patience. We have little of either. We'll miss this view!


Blogger Diane said...

Absolutely gorgeous site! We will all miss the Lake Conroe home, Galen! We enjoyed our times there! I will never forget the time when Alec needed to relieve himself and in front of God and everyone, just proceeded to do so off the pier! But, that is making memories, no matter how embarrassing it was for Cary and Steph.

But we are also blessed by Llewel, Larry and Sue also sharing their homes! I am just very thankful you all have large places where we can all gather! I just hope we never stop getting together like that and no, three times a year is not too much! When ya'll get tired of going to all the nice places, just feel free to come back down to earth and visit me again!

I am looking forward to Dad's Birthday / Mother's Day Weekend when we all get together - we are, aren't we?


2/09/2005 8:32 AM  

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